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Neurocore’s COVID-19 Response to In-Clinic, In-Home & Virtual Rehab

Updated August 16th, 2020

Our pledge is to provide you with the same level of care and support that you have always received at Neurocore with an added measure of protection.  

We regularly update our safety & support measures to ensure that we are in compliance with IPAC & Public Health recommendations. This requires a change in our routines as well as in yours.  As such, your patience & cooperation of the measures below is highly appreciated. 


1) In-Clinic Rehab: 

Please review the protective measures we have taken to ensure the safety of all clients, caregivers and staff.


Hours of Operation:

  • We have increased our hours from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm to ensure staggered appointment times.


Neurocore’s Staff Screening Protocol:

  • Each staff member signs in & is screened upon entry & exit for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Each therapist working with clients, will be in full PPE (masks, gowns, gloves, face shields or goggles).  
  • Masks, gowns and gloves will be changed after each client.
  • Face shields will be sanitized between each client.
  • Hand hygiene will occur consistently at entry, exit, before and after each treatment or handling of equipment.
  • Every treatment station is equipped with signage about cleaning, disinfecting, donning & doffing PPE. 
  • Staff completed compliance training to ensure adherence to Public Health recommendations and review of Neurocore policy in line with Public Health Ontario.

 Treatment Stations in response to Physical Distancing Recommendations: 

  • Walking paths between treatment stations have been created.
  • All entrances into our clinic will be used to minimize contact between clients and ensure physical distancing.
  • Specific steps for cleaning, disinfection and sanitation protocols are in effect at each treatment station. These protocols are clearly displayed.
  • Transition time scheduled between clients to maintain social distancing and allow for thorough sanitation of treatment stations.
  • Sanitized stations will be marked with a sign “Ready to Use Sanitized Station”


  • All equipment available for use by clients are ones that can be sanitized & disinfected after each use then placed in a sanitized supply room.
  • All small pieces of equipment are stored in our sanitized supply room in sealed bins.

Reception Area: 

  • Sneeze guards have been installed at the front desk.
  • All fabric surfaces have been removed. 
  • All vinyl surfaces will be disinfected & sanitized routinely. 
  • Hand sanitizers readily available. 

Cleaning Protocols:

  • Regular and frequent disinfecting protocols of all occupied areas and commonly touched surfaces will commence at least every 4 hours. 
  • Disinfection and deep cleaning of the entire premise 2 times/week.
  • All cleaning and disinfection products used at Neurocore align with the Ministry of Health recommendations and meet the safety guidelines required.

Client (and caregivers if applicable) Three-step Screening Protocol: 

a) Before a treatment is booked, staff will conduct a screening process. We will:

  • Ask each client (and caregiver if applicable) a series of COVID-19 screening questions over the telephone.
  • Send you an initial email outlining all the screening steps discussed over the phone which will be emailed to you including your appointment time. 
  • Via your response to this email confirm your appointment & agreement to active screening steps. 

b) Upon arrival to the clinic, we will:

  • Alert you to passive screening signage located at all entry points.
  • Ask you to call the clinic while parked in your car.
  • Send a therapist to your car dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with a sanitized screening bin & tools.
  • Sanitize your hands (and your caregiver’s if applicable).
  • Provide & ask you (and your caregiver if applicable) to wear your mask inside the clinic.
  • Complete an active screening test (while in your car): Conduct the hand hygiene process, provide you with a mask should you not have on, answer screening questions, take a temperature reading (using a touchless thermometer) and an oxygen saturation/heart rate screening with a disinfected pulse oximeter.
  • Escort you (and your caregiver’s if applicable) into the clinic.
  • Disinfect your (and your caregiver’s if applicable) hands upon entering the clinic and again before leaving.

c) After your session ends, staff will: 

  • Disinfect your hands (and your caregiver’s if applicable) before leaving the clinic.
  • Escort you (and your caregiver’s if applicable) out of the clinic.
  • Conduct a thorough sanitation and disinfection routine of your treatment station in preparation for our next client.


We know that everyone’s circumstances are different.  If you have any suggestions for how we can better support you, please let us know by emailing us at info@neurocore.ca.  Our Clinic Director, Carole Chebaro, will review every message with a promise to listen to your concerns, support your needs as much as possible, learn from your feedback and continually look for methods to navigate the measures in place respecting your personal circumstances while adhering to Public Health recommendations. 


Download our health and safety poster for an overview of these protocols.  


For more information on receiving In-clinic therapy at Neurocore, please email info@neurocore.ca or call us at 905.886.2673.

2) In-Home Therapy:

Much as our In-Clinic infection control measures, our staff will arrive at your home in PPE (personal protective equipment).  Each staff member must first pass screening prior to working with you.

For more information on receiving In-home therapy, please email info@neurocore.ca or call us at 905.886.2673.

3) Virtual or Telerehabilitation: 

Neurocore staff continue to offer Virtual/Tele-rehab as an alternative to in-clinic therapy.  

There are significant benefits to Virtual rehab such as: 

  • Providing you with access to high quality therapy via technology. 
  • Helping you maintain the hard work you have put into your therapy.
  • Connecting with you safely regardless of distance or location.
  • Scheduling flexibility to receive therapy at times that best suit your needs
  • Staying in touch in times of social isolation.
  • Answering any questions you or your family may have.
  • Saves you travel time.

How to set up a Virtual / Telerehab session:

  • We are using a secure and encrypted video software called Embodia for all virtual appointments. Embodia uses the Zoom Health platform which complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA (health privacy legislation).
  • We will ask you to download the Embodia app onto your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • After booking an appointment with your therapist, you will receive an invite link indicating your appointment date and time via e-mail. 
  • We will email you our Telerehab consent form along with a Confidential Client Intake form to complete if you are a new client.
  • We ask that you send us back your consent and intake form which will be added to your chart.
  • You will meet your therapist at the scheduled time and start an assessment process whereby your therapist will ask you questions and review personalized treatment methods within the comfort of your home.

Neurocore’s Virtual or Telerehabilitation services include but are not limited to: 

  • Personalized & Updated Exercise Programs: Delivered after booking an appointment with your therapist.  
  • Videos of exercises: Get exercises delivered to your inbox and complete at your convenience using a simple app called “Embodia” that we can help you set up in a few steps.
  • Reassessments using both verbal questions as well as reproduction of movements.
  • Communication with your therapist to share relevant updates. 
  • Questionnaire completion specific to your symptoms to track any changes objectively.
  • Support while receiving therapy can be arranged by speaking to your caregiver, family member or friend of your choice with your consent.
  • Immune system boosters by speaking to our nutritionist & arranging supplement delivery.
  • Meal planning to ensure your energy level and immunity are optimized. 
  • Utilize resources around your home to maximize self-management.
  • Tools and equipment options to support your continued physical health and safe participation in exercise such as – heart rate monitors, therapy balls, and the like.

For more information on Virtual/Telerehabilitation through Neurocore, please email info@neurocore.ca or call us at 905.886.2673.

Thank you for taking the time to review our COVID-19 Response. 

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