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What is the Garuda Method?


Garuda is a hybrid practices that encompasses three philosophies:

  • 1) Principle of Pilates
  • 2) Breath work and asana practices of Yoga
  • 3) Grace and athleticism of Dance

What does the word "Garuda" mean?

  • In Indian Mythology, the GARUDA is a large bird that changes its shape according to its function
  • Garuda is a fitting name as if focuses on versatility, flexibility and precision of movement

Who started the Garuda practice?

  • James D'Silva was born and raised in Goa, India before moving to England to train in classical and contemporary dance
  • As a professional dancer, James performed, choreographed and taught all over Europe and the USA
  • Over the years, James added Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic, Feldenkrais, Martial Arts, and Alexander Technique to his repertoire and fused the different methods into a unique, holistic and integrated style of movement and exercise
  • James believes that exercise needs to be varied and creative to challenge both mind and body
  • James philosophy is that stagnation and repetition provides no opportunity for development in the long term
  • James believes that it's not "hitting the positions that is important", but how you move through them that defines the building of strength in the body and it's the quality of the breath that takes you through

How is Garuda different than other exercise regimes?

  • Garuda is a fusion of various practices allowing the participant to explore form, breath, fluidity and dynamic movement
  • Garuda focuses on actively lengthening the fascial system integral to flexibility and strength

What are the benefits of Garuda?

  • The exercises work every area of your body
  • The classes are challenging and fun
  • The routines range from beginner/elementary to advanced/professional
  • Promotes increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance with a great sense of ease and well being
  • Repertoire is continually being developed and expanded
  • Wide ranging, adaptable and focused
  • The consistent change of set movement patterns and dynamism encourages proprioception and an active mind, subsequently developing a quiet confidence

James D'Silva Philosophy:

  • "Garuda creates a sense of who you are, what you are capable of and most importantly provides the key to becoming who you want to be within your body".
  • "Life is a constant spiral. You always have to re-evaluate. But people tend to fall into a routine, the mind tricks you that you are doing alright. Change is very important to challenge yourself."
  • "Your workout should be a whole mind, body, spirit experience. What is your soul getting out of this? It's all about making people aware that their movement has to be mindful, and bringing the awareness into people's lives".

For more info:

Visit www.thegaruda.net


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