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MyndMove is a non-invasive rehabilitation therapy that combines client participation, therapist expertise, and a proprietary 8 channel FES device to treat patients experiencing upper-limb paralysis following stroke or spinal cord injury (SCI). MyndMove is the first complete system to provide FES therapy for the full arm with the ability to explore reaching, grasping and fine motor control of the hand.

How do clients participate in the FES?

  • By actively attempting the desired movements
  • Therapists guide the timing and quality of the desired movements
  • The MyndMove device delivers FES to elicit the movements                 

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals with upper-limb paralysis as a result of stroke or spinal cord injuries (recent or long-term injuries).
  • Contraindications will be cleared by your therapist before exploration of MyndMove.

Benefits of MyndMove Use:

  • Improvement of arm and hand function and active range of motion in patients with upper limb paralysis due to a stroke or cervical spinal cord injury
  • Maintenance and/or increase of arm and hand range of motion
  • Prevention and/or retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Increase in local blood circulation
  • Reduction in spasms
  • Re-education of muscles

What to Expect during Therapy:

A typical therapy session is 1 hour in length. During each session, a MyndMove trained therapist will lead the client through various stimulation protocols, each designed to produce a different purposeful movement. During each session, clients can expect electrodes to be placed on the skin over the muscles to be stimulated, to be asked to actively envision and attempt the desired movement, and to feel a mild tingling sensation while the device electrically stimulates the muscles. Stimulation protocols include bringing hand to mouth, reaching forward, reaching to the side, palmar grasp, pinch grasp, and tripod grasp.

Questions about MyndMove™:

Please call us and ask to speak to one of our MyndMove™ certified Physiotherapists.