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Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator


What is PoNS™?

  • PoNS™ stands for the “Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator. 
  • It is an innovative, non-surgical medical device. 
  • It has a mouthpiece component that is placed on the anterior one-third of the tongue stimulating dense nerve endings.  
  • The PoNS™ gently stimulates the surface of the tongue, exciting neural networks which travel to the brain. This neural stimulatory activity while participating in personalized Physiotherapy is believed to enable positive neuroplasticity, promoting improved movement control and hence balance and walking.  
  • *Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to restructure or relearn in response to new experiences, sensory input, and functional demands.  

What neural networks are stimulated with the PoNS Treatment™?

PoNS device Tongue Stimulation Cascade

Please contact us at Neurocore Physiotherapy & speak with a Physiotherapist to learn if you would benefit from PoNS™.


1. Tongue Stimulation

  • Receives electrical stimulation to the surface of the tongue

2. Cranial Nerves

  • Cranial Nerve V (or trigeminal nerve) – detects sensation in the face and responsible for biting and chewing.
  • Cranial Nerve VII (or facial nerve) – detects taste sensations and controls facial expression.

3. Brain and brain stem

  • Communicates and controls posture and balance (also known as the pons Varolii and cerebellum).

4. Neuroplasticity

  • Neuroplasticity may occur as a result of the targeted therapeutic activities and the stimulation from the PoNS™ device.

Who should use PoNS Treatment™?

  • The PoNS Treatment™ is to be used in tandem with certified PoNS trainers for individuals with traumatic brain injuries & multiple sclerosis.
  • The device is intended for use as a short-term treatment (14 weeks) of chronic balance and walking deficits due to mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury or Multiple Sclerosis.
  • It is to be used in conjunction with physical therapy & rehabilitation.

Please contact us at Neurocore Physiotherapy & speak with a Physiotherapist to learn if you would benefit from PoNS™.

What does PoNS Treatment™ feel & look like at Neurocore Physiotherapy?

  • The PoNS Treatment™ is a comprehensive 14-week program.
  • It is split into 2 phases that combines in-clinic and in-home use of the PoNS™ device guided by a NeurocoreCertified PoNS™ Trainer who is also a Physiotherapist.
  • We will focus on several components – gait training, movement control, breathing & awareness and balance exercises with andwithout the PoNS™ stimulation based on the phase of treatment.
  • A combination of the PoNS™ stimulatory effects and personalized rehabilitation may promote improved balance control and walking patterns.

What is the PoNS Treatment™ schedule?

Phase 1

  • 2 Weeks long
  • 6 days a week
  • Day 1-3 : 3 x / day – 2 days with PoNS trainer, 1 day independent
  • Day 4-5: 3 x / day – 1 day with PoNS trainer, 2 days independent
  • Day 6: 3 days independent


Phase 2

  • 12 Weeks long
  • 6 days a week
  • Day 1 : 3 x / day – 1 day with PoNS trainer, 2 days independent
  • Day 2-6: 3 x / day – 3 days independent**

*Only one BAT session


PoNS Treatment Schedule

PoNS Treatment™ FAQs

Can I use PoNS on my own?

PoNS Treatment™ is offered at Authorized PoNS Treatment™ Clinics. These clinics are selected based on their experience treating neurological symptoms.  A Certified PoNS™ Trainer works with each patient according to their own specific needs and deficits during PoNS Treatment™.

How much does the PoNS treatment cost?

PoNS Treatment™ is not currently covered by government insurance programs. PoNS Treatment™ may be covered by personal or motor vehicle insurance depending on individual plans.  Contact a clinic to ask about PoNS™ Patient Assurance and the new pricing and payment options now available.

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