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Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession committed to improving your ability to move with efficiency and restoring participation in the activities you love. Our Physiotherapists embrace a holistic approach while working with younger children to older adults. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition or simply seeking guidance for exercise training and conditioning – Physiotherapy can help.

What can I expect from my Physiotherapy Session? 


  • A review of your health history, areas of concern and goals
  • A thorough physical assessment incorporating outcome measures
  • A personalized treatment plan which may provide:
    • Education
    • Pain relief
    • Improvement of alignment & flexibility
    • Range of motion restoration
    • Increasing strength
    • Improving walking ability
    • Regaining balance
    • Planning a safe home exercise program
  • Ongoing communication to ensure your treatment translates to improved function
  • With your authorization, connecting with your team member(s) outside of Neurocore to ensure partnership towards your goals

What do Physiotherapy treatments include?


  • Treatment sessions will vary from one session to the next ensuring they incorporate a variety of techniques which may include:

    • Hands-on manual therapy
    • Education
    • Exercise
    • Preventative measures to reduce symptom aggravation
    • Incorporation of our exercise equipment – before, during or after your treatments (hyperlink to equipment)

    Exploration of your potential!

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